To lead the movement to accurately* portray all women and girls in media, so that by 2020, they see themselves reflected as they truly are.

* As defined by the 2016 Oxford Dictionary, accurately means “In a way that is correct in all details. Synonyms include exactly and truthfully.”


We believe that media and technology can play a major role in how women and girls see themselves. We believe in the power this visibility will inspire in our world. And we believe that projecting truth and inclusiveness will benefit all people, everywhere.

It stands to reason that more women and girls will be inspired to reach their potential when the media they see is more inclusive of them. Today, the average age, race, and body type of women depicted represent just a small fraction of the world’s female population. That means most women and girls have likely never seen themselves reflected in the media. Together with a growing number of industry leaders, we’re championing the movement to portray women and girls accurately so that the images and roles they see in the media mirror the real world. We will continue to showcase excellent work on this site that supports the #SeeHer mission.

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For information about #SeeHer, contact Patty Kerr.